What was the year 2023 for Dnipro Agro Group?

підсумки 2023 року


What was the year 2023 for Dnipro Agro Group?

The general director of Dnipro Agro Group, Dmytro Guletskyi, commented for dniproagro.com:

“For Dnipro Agro Group, the year 2023 turned out to be quite fruitful. Both the weather conditions and the coordinated and professional work of the team contributed to this.

I was especially pleased with the yield of sunflowers.

Planned indicators for sunflower were fulfilled by 100%. And the yield at some enterprises of Dnipro Agro Group reached 26.3 t/ha. In total, sunflower was harvested from 12,765.1 ha.

More than 100% of planned indicators were also achieved in the cultivation of winter crops — wheat and rape. We got a good result on wheat. Harvested from 12,292.4 hectares with an average yield of 52.4 t/ha for the group of companies. Which provided 110% of the planned gross collection.

Rape was harvested from 578.1 hectares. The average yield in 2023 was 35.7 t/ha

The main crops in Dnipro Agro Group for 2024 are winter wheat and rapeseed and sunflower. We have 6,349.5 hectares under winter wheat crops (almost 100% of the plan). Rapeseed crops are actually 4,619 hectares

We hope for a fruitful year 2023-2024 and thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to work on our land.”

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