About the company

About the company

Dnipro Agro Group

Dnipro Agro Group is a group of companies whose main activity is the production, storage and sale of grain and oil crops.

Priority areas of activity:

  • crop production (wheat, barley, sunflower, rapeseed)
  • services for storage and processing of grain and oil crop

    The central office is located:

  • Dmytro Yavornytskyi Avenue 1A, office 702
  • Dnipro, Ukraine, 49005
  • Telephone numbers: +38 (056) 790-32-40
  • Email: apk-dn@ukr.net

The structure of the company by areas of activity


  • Synelnikove-Agro LLC
  • “Fisakovsky Elevator” LLC
  • PJSC “Bozhedarivsky elevator”



  • “Vidrodzhennya” LLC
  • LLC “Dniproagroalliance”
  • “Agrofirm Skhid Agro” LLC
  • “Peremoha” LLC

польові роботи


  • SC “Dniprovskyi” LLC


фото свиноматки



Dnipro Agro Group included “Bozhedarivsky elevator”. Dnipro Agro Group company increased the total storage volume of grain and oil crops to 124,000 tons.

Expansion of Dnipro Agro Group through the acquisition of Agrofirma Shohid Agro LLC (growing of grain crops and oilseeds). Increase of the land bank to 50.25 thousand hectares as a result of the acquisition of the authorized capital of Peremoga LLC.

On September 22, 2016, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary!

Expansion of the Dnipro Agro Group through the acquisition of “Renaissance” LLC (growing of grain crops and oilseeds).

The company LLC “Agricultural enterprise Dzerzhynets” was founded (growing of grain crops and oilseeds). Expansion of the Dnipro Agro Group through the acquisition of Synelnikove-Agro LLC (warehousing).

Expansion of the Dnipro Agro group through the acquisition of “Fisakovsky Elevator” LLC (warehousing).

2007 – 2012

22.09.2006 “Dniproagroalliance” LLC (growing of grain crops and oilseeds) was founded. Founder and director Astion V.M. The land fund is 2,400 hectares


Address of the founder

Address of the founder


Head of the Board of Directors and co-founder of the Dnipro Agro group of companies Astion Vasyl Mykolayovych

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of our company. Here you can get the most complete information about the activities and development plans of our group of enterprises "Dnipro Agro Group".
"Dnipro Agro Group" today is one of the domestic producers of agricultural goods, one of the leaders of the Dnipropetrovsk agricultural market.
In 2016, the company celebrated its 10-year anniversary, during which time our company, together with the entire country, faced economic stagnation, inflation and unemployment, but each time it achieved success, strengthening its position on the national market.
Currently, the company has developed its structure to 7 divisions in 2 regions of Ukraine and effectively cultivates 50.25 thousand hectares of leased agricultural land. About 1,000 employees work at the company's enterprises.
In agricultural production, the company "Dnipro Agro Group" demonstrates high indicators of the volume and quality of the harvest, and all divisions of the company occupy leading positions in the regions of presence.
The principle of operation of the enterprise is modernization and imitation of the main trends of the world market, system and consistency of agricultural management.
For several years in a row, Dnipro Agro Group enterprises have taken leading positions in yield indicators, which is significantly higher than the average indicator for Ukraine.
The group also includes 3 elevators in the Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions with a total storage capacity of over 124,000 tons.
The company plans to build another elevator, which will correspond to the present.
The total number of elevator complexes, leased land and production enterprises of the company grows every year, because the main principle of Dnipro Agro Group's activity is not to stop at what has been achieved, but to develop and improve. Cultivation is definitely a priority for us. In the current season, we updated the machine and tractor park.
The company has invested about $5 million in the current season.
Today, the activity of the Dnipro Agro Group group of companies is an example not only of successful business, but also of social responsibility.
The company cares about the problems of the public. Both in the regions of presence and when entering a new region, we try to raise the economy, improve the standard of living of everyone and the entire community as a whole. I hope that everyone who visits our online resource will find interesting and necessary information here.
We value each of our business partners and are grateful for fruitful cooperation with our company!
Sincerely, Vasyl Astion,
Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-founder of the Dnipro Agro Group group of companies.



We work to provide the population of the country and the world with high-quality and affordable food products, at the same time we offer rural residents new jobs, support the social structure in the cities of our presence, develop the agriculture of our country, strengthening its food security, and shape the image of Ukraine as one from global agricultural leaders..


Our partners


Information about the company can be viewed on the page Our partners 


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