Progress of the seed company 2023 Dnipro Agro Group

посів ріпаку


Dear friends, we are happy to share with you an update on the progress of our seed company Dnipro Agro Group! 🌱

🌱 Rapeseed is an important and highly profitable oil seed crop. But today, due to the impact of military operations, logistics on the territory of Ukraine is very complicated. Therefore, rapeseed is one of the most profitable crops in our crop rotation.
Today, 4,409.8 hectares have been sown for the 2024 rapeseed crop.
These are the areas of the predecessors of the pairs and winter wheat.

Our farms work tirelessly to ensure quality sowing in moist soil. To ensure an even and friendly staircase.
Adhering to modern technologies and best practices in agriculture, we are sure that our products will be of high quality.🌾🌿
During the cultivation of rapeseed at enterprises Dnipro Agro Group

we take into account all aspects of environmental sustainability and adhere to the principles of responsible land use.
The next step in our company is the sowing of late-season rapeseed and winter wheat.
Follow us to get the latest news about our achievements and harvests.
Together we grow and develop, taking care of the future of our land!

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